VI - OneNote + MSpaint

OneNote "WIN+S"

ShareX doesn't work with everything.

In particular, sometimes whatever you are capturing is key sensitive such as context menus and pressing ALT makes you unable to capture the process.

In this case, use WIN+S key instead and paste the result into MSpaint. Like so:

OneNote Diagrams

Say I have this diagram. I created it in OneNote and wanted to use ShareX to upload the image online. Here's how you can do it with MSpaint, OneNote, and ShareX

My internet was slow so the gif is 30 seconds long

Click this image link to see the full diagram


  1. Copy all contents in OneNote
  2. Open up MSpaint
  3. Paste
  4. Save file
  5. Navigate to file
  6. Right click, upload to shareX
  7. Paste link

ShareX Diagrams

You can create some complex diagrams using ShareX's built in greenshot editor and OneNote's WIN+S key

Click this image link to see an example. This is a diagram I made when researching computer science recursion


  1. Capture designated region CTRL+A
  2. Use WIN+S key to clip things into the greenshot editor
  3. Make annotations
  4. CTRL+S to save

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