II - Workflow

Hotkeys will come later. Next we need to setup the general workflow for creating links. First we set the settings on "After Capture tasks" and "After Upload Tasks":

This setup is the most versatile. What happens is the following:

  1. Capture the image (via hotkey or manually)
  2. Open in image editor, where you can add annotations. If you don't need annotations, you can just press ctrl+S to save
  3. Copy image to clipboard. This is useful if you wanted to embed an image into OneNote or Evernote.
  4. Save image to file. This creates a local redundant file that you can setup in your dropbox or google drive. These files saved locally are by YEAR-MONTH-DATE normally though
  5. Upload image to host. Uploads to imgur
  6. Copy URL to clipboard. After the image uploads to imgur, it creates a shareable link. You don't need to press CTRL+C at any point

note that everything occurs in chronological order

There are some other useful functions in "AFTER CAPTURE TASKS" that you may use:

  • Copy file path to clipboard - this is useful for creating images for blogs that are not hosted on imgur.com.

Everything else is fairly redundant and doesn't really need to be used

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