III - Setup Hotkeys

Once you have all of step II done, we need to create hotkeys. Navigate to either HOTKEY SETTINGS or WORKFLOWS (add workflow from hotkey settings). Either one works

You should be here now note that this is my own experimental testing so its rather messy

You should set the following hotkeys

  • ALT + A : This should be set to your image editor. Set "Task:Capture region" under the settings. See reference image
  • ALT + D: This is for screencasting gifs. Set "Task: Screen Recording (GIF)". See reference image
  • ALT + F: This is for taking screenshots that don't all fit on one page (e.g. a reddit post, a website home page). Set "Task: Scrolling capture". See reference image

See this keyboard diagram for the line of reasoning:

This hotkey layout is inspired from my years of gaming and how hotkeys in shareX can benefit from that

As another note, when you modify the settings for the keys, the defaults are set to "AFTER CAPTURE TASKS" and "AFTER UPLOAD TASKS" mentioned in [SECTION II]. You can override those in the hotkey settings

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