ShareX is my favorite that I run, which I used in conjunction with a note-taking application such as OneNote or . This guide will highlight how to setup ShareX optimally, and my favorite workflows using ShareX

ShareX is a client-side application only on windows operating systems (as of Sept 2016). Its used to create condensable URL shareable links for:

  1. Editable screenshots using greenshot
  2. Screencast Gifs

This program can optimize the following processes, but not limited to:

  • Adding blog images
  • Forum posts (e.g. reddit)
  • Communication (e.g. facebook, snapchat, email)
  • Online course notes
  • Creating diagrams

Here's a quick comparison of a common task that I normally do using ShareX and without it: uploading an image to so I can send the link via email

ShareX No ShareX
Desire to create an edited screenshot Desire to create an edited screenshot
CTRL+A (pick designated area) PrntScr
Add Edits Open up windows MSpaint.exe
CTRL+S (to save) Do edits
CTRL +V (to paste link) Save the file
_ Pick a location to save the file
_ Name the file
_ Open up google chrome
_ Open up
_ Open up windows explorer
_ Find the image just saved
_ Drag and drop the image
_ Click OK to confirm image upload
_ CTRL+C copy the shareable link
_ CTRL+V paste the link

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