V - Common Workflows

Here is an overview of how to do common tasks using ShareX

Capturing an image

Using the shortcut I indicated in [SECTION III], ALT+A will pop open greenshot editor like so:

I put all my most commonly used shortcut commands above. The shortcuts indicated above are all fairly easily reachable using my left hand while my right hand is still on the mouse

You can also print things from your screen using the "p" shortcut

Capturing a Gif

Using the shortcut I indicated in [SECTION III], ALT+D will open up an editor like so:

The "Stop" button can be achieved using ALT+D again which uploads to imgur. "Abort" does not upload anything

Gifs should be under 15 seconds from my experience. You should ideally keep the size of the gif small as well, these are the factors that increase size:

  1. How large of an area you are capturing
  2. What is going on your screen while recording is active

You can read more about file size upload limits through imgur here

Gifs sometimes breaks shareX so you need to restart your application / terminate process

There aren't any gif editing features you can use as of Sept 2016 with ShareX. If you wanted to have a black border around your gif, you could create a autohotkey command to make a border, see this post on stackoverflow I made detailing how to do it

Capturing Web Page

Or capturing something that doesn't fit all on one page. Using the ALT+F command outlined in [SECTION III]

Anything that can be scrolled using your middle scroll wheel like this:

benefits from using scrolling. This function completely replaces chrome plugin like full page screen capture. Its also more effective than chrome plugins because you can capture client-side things like large folder structures. It doesn't work perfectly though but there's no other software that does this. Example image on my C:/windows folder or Example image: reddit post

This is what it looks like when you press ALT+F

The scrolling capture just scrolls whatever you are using, captures an image, and "guesses" what the output shold be. You can let the program "guess" using option #2 or manually input your own values using #4 and #1. When all is done press #3

A lot of experimental testing is needed to make some images work

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